Sleeping Beauty Tea?

Yes, there is one that exists, a tea that beautifies you overnight. And I know that you’re probably thinking it’s a top notch, over priced, constantly selling off-the-shelf tea product but I am here to inform you on my frugal beauty treatment! It’s ginger root tea, I call it my Sleeping Beauty Tea! If you’re anything like me, you sometimes work 12 hours days, stressed from the world’s daily obstacles, sleep for only 5 hours, wake up and the week days just goes on repeat. One thing that I revert back to constantly that brings me my daily joys is prepare me a delicious cup of ginger tea before  I go to bed.

I’ve built up a routine and have noticed the changes in my skin. This isn’t a remedy that I’ve just started, I’ve been practicing this for years! Remember that there should be other steps you take to keeping your skin supple and youthful, for instance I make sure that I exfoliate and moisturize my skin but here are some noticeable changes when I drink 2 cups of ginger tea each night before bed. I even got my fiance hooked on it, at times when I slack on making the tea, he reminds me to make it again :-D, gotta love healthy remedies that you and your mate can share together!

Overnight Notices:

  • Reduced puffy eyes
    • Powerful antioxidants reduces inflammation in your body
  • Reduced face redness
    • Ginger stimulates blood cells, promoting re-circulation
  • Bright looking skin
    • Ginger re-energizes a dull looking face with its potent properties, helping your skin stay youthful looking
  • Overnight hydrated skin
    • Your skin will feel much softer and smooth

So, let’s make some Sleeping Beauty Tea!


  1. Fresh Ginger Root (I like to cut about off 3 inches to make 4 cups)
  2. Water
  3. Honey (Optional)


  • Spoon
  • Knife
  • Pot

Here’s how I do it,

  1. Cut and rinse off a piece of the root
  2. Using a spoon, scrape the skin off of the ginger root until you see yellow flesh
  3. Once you have your desired piece, cut the ginger root into thin slices
  4. Then, place the ginger root into water and turn the stove on medium heat
  5. Let boil for 20-25 minutes
  6. Remove ginger pieces from water or leave in if you desire
  7. Pour into your favorite mug
  8. Add a tablespoon of honey if you desire and enjoy

Me personally, I like to drink this once I’ve brushed my teeth and on a settled stomach, meaning, have not eaten anything with the last 2 hours before bed. You see, I believe that when we are sleeping, our body is rejuvenating and working on replenishing the cells, I like to give my body the chance to do it’s job and not overwork itself by processing more food. To me, having this cup of tea right before bed is the last thing to enter my body so I treat it as a beauty treatment to replenish my cells with the powerful antioxidants. So grab your cup of fresh ginger root tea while you get cozy and wind down for bed. Even if you do this twice a week, it can make a difference in your skin!

Do you have a beauty tea? If so, let me hear about it! What are the benefits? What are your results? I’d love to know as I’m always interested in learning about other natural beauty tea regimes out there.



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